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About Pegasus Rental Cars New Zealand

Our story - A kiwi car rental legend

At Pegasus we are proud to continue to offer our customers the best range of affordable and reliable rental cars. From humble beginnings Pegasus was originally set up in Christchurch as a way to offer more cost effective cars by using Japanese imports, significantly reducing the daily car rental rate for our customers. The first Pegasus franchise was set up in Nelson in 1991 and from there Pegasus started spreading its wings across the country. Today Pegasus Rental Cars is located in 14 branches throughout NZ.

Our range of rental vehicles throughout the country 

We continue to be committed to our customers, ensuring we provide high quality rental vehicles at affordable prices.
We offer a great range from as low as $35 per day (3-day hires) for travellers on a budget, to cars for businesses or those attending sporting events or conferences - we have rental vehicles to suit whatever the occasion. Our cars are Japanese imports which are widely known to be fuel-efficient and economical to run, tried and tested, and built to last. 

Car hire from 14 locations in New Zealand

With 14 rental car locations throughout New Zealand we offer travellers the freedom, convenience and an affordable way to explore New Zealand. Ask our branches for information on their local area, events and what to see and do. Choose your location and we'll help make your journey comfortable and as easy as possible. 

Pegasus loyalty programme

Also if you book more than 3 car rentals a year you are eligible to join our loyalty programme Pegasus Legends. With great savings and a range of benefits including – preferential service, competitive discounted rates and a car upgrade on us, to name a few. So make every vehicle booking with Pegasus to take advantage of these great perks! 

Interested in joining the Pegasus Car Rental group? 

From each of our 14 local Pegasus locations our friendly and professional owner operators are able to offer you quality service at an affordable price. Is a Pegasus Rental Cars franchise right for you? More on franchising opportunities.


Pegasus Rental Cars Team Conference 2014 quadbiking

Pegasus Rental Cars Annual Conference 2014 - Quadbiking


We are always committed to our customers , offering high quality rental vehicles at affordable prices.



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