Strap yourself to a beautiful stranger with Skydive Wanaka!

Wanaka offers some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery and picturesque landscapes, and freefalling at 200kph is a great way to check it out for yourself.

So why not strap yourself to a beautiful stranger and leap from a perfectly good aircraft with Skydive Wanaka – New Zealand’s, most spectacular, multi-award winning, high altitude tandem skydive!

Skydive Wanaka offers a unique view of spectacular scenery and a great offer from Pegasus Rental Cars

The experience starts when you walk in the door and meet their awesome front-line crew, who will give you a full safety briefing and get you all kitted up and ready to throw yourself from their amazing orange plane.

Before you know it, you’ll be meeting your instructor (your very own beautiful stranger!) and climbing into the plane for the incredible scenic flight to altitude.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the breath-taking 360-degree views of Wanaka and Mount Aspiring National Park – home to some of New Zealand’s highest mountains, including Mount Cook and Mount Aspiring, plus glaciers, crystal clear lakes and rivers. Once you’ve reached your chosen altitude of 12,000 or 15,000ft it’s time to leap…and experience the pure adrenalin rush of freefalling at 200kph above the stunning Central Otago landscape.

After 45 to 60 seconds of freefall, catch your breath and enjoy the smooth flight under canopy safely back down to the dropzone.

Leap from a plane with Skydive Wanaka and Pegasus Rental Cars

Make your skydive experience last a lifetime with one of Skydive Wanaka’s high-definition video and photo packages–the perfect memento to show your friends and family at home.

Skydive Wanaka pride themselves on their world-class facilities, professional and friendly staff and providing customers with the experience of a lifetime–one they will remember forever.

Pick up your rental car from any of our Pegasus Rental Cars South Island branches and drive to Wanaka.  You can hire a car in Queenstown, pick up a Christchurch Airport rental car, and it’s a very scenic drive to Wanaka when you pick up your Dunedin Airport hire car.  Pegasus also has a car rental depot in Nelson and in Invercargill, so wherever you are picking up from, drive safely, enjoy the journey and look forward to this great experience when you arrive!